TMT, Intellectual property and data protection

We provide assistance to the Firm’s clients on all legal and regulatory matters related to business activities in regulated markets and in the digital economy (electronic communications, media, online platforms, postal services, electricity and gas). We offer advice on technology law matters and issues related to industrial and intellectual property rights (in the fashion, luxury, advertising, e-commerce, banking and finance, mechanical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors), as well as data protection and cybersecurity regulations.

We support domestic and international major players who are active in the regulated and digital services markets, including: online platforms, content producers and providers, broadcasters, publishers, players/professionals in the traditional and digital advertising sector, fixed and mobile electronic communication operators, postal services and logistic providers, as well as leading e-commerce, web and fintech actors, trust service and electronic signature providers and operators offering digital identity solutions.

The Firm ensures strategic advice focused on our clients’ day-by-day activities, which can entail sectoral and general contracts (commercial agreements, licensing, franchising, production and transfer agreements for technology and industrial patents), valorization of intangible assets, together with tailored assistance on regulatory and authorization aspects related to M&A transactions. Our assistance also covers out-of-court advice in dealing with regulatory and competition authorities in complex and innovative proceedings. Our expertise allows us to support the main players in traditional industries in the definition and implementation of projects for the digitization of their business and the transition to technological solutions with a view to adapting to key innovations regarding different markets. We also provide support for the definition of corporate data strategy and data governance plans (ranging from contracts and regulations to audit plans), and on every aspect related to the processing and managing of personal and non-personal data, as well as cybersecurity compliance.

In addition, we offer our counselling in administrative and civil litigations and in the most relevant disputes aimed at challenging regulatory and sanctioning decisions adopted by public authorities, together with judgments on contractual and compensatory issues, consumer and competition litigation. The Firm also deals with online copyright and provides its support in relation to evolutions of the regulations on content protection in the digital ecosystem.

Our significant expertise enables us to support our clients in a broad range of industrial and service sectors (fashion, luxury, advertising, e-commerce, banking and finance, mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical) in the context of litigation related to trademarks, designs, trade secrets, advertising, as well as unfair competition and copyright protection.

TMT, Intellectual property and data protection: our team

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