Energy, utilities & infrastructure

The firm assists Italian and international clients in the various practice areas concerning energy, water, transportation, infrastructure and telecommunication sectors, by means of multidisciplinary and transversal consultancies, including corporate and administrative law, public contracts, such as PPP contracts, concessions and public works and services, etc.
We offer therefore assistance to our clients in all stages of development of projects (i.e. authorization proceedings, design, construction, operation. etc) as well as in the relevant financing (i.e. project financing, lease financing, asset & construction financing, etc). We advise several multinational companies which are leaders in the energy sector (production and storage of energy, both from renewable and traditional sources), in the transport and infrastructure sectors (highways, railways, hospitals etc) as well as in the telecommunication field (fibre, 5G, broad band etc).
We assist numerous public and private companies in relation to regulatory and administrative aspects in strategic sectors, including, for example, the s.c. “golden power”.
A solid network of relations with the Authorities have granted us the ability to provide assistance regarding the most complex and innovative operations in the energy, infrastructure and telecommunication sectors.

Energy, utilities & infrastructure: our team

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